4 Peripheral Devices To Spruce Up Your Gamestation

4 Peripheral Devices To Spruce Up Your Gamestation

4 Peripheral Devices To Spruce Up Your Gamestation

Having the right gaming set-up is essential to a great and comfortable gaming experience, so peripheral devices are mandatory.

Peripheral devices are any devices not part of the original gaming hardware. Monitors and screens fall into this category even though many would see them as essential, but because they’re not a part of the original hardware, they’re considered periphery. Devices like mouses, speakers, headsets, controllers, and even external hard drives, are all considered peripheral devices.

Whether you’re a console or PC gamer, this article will help you find the periphery devices for your gaming style from companies like how veterancheats offer working eft hacks and great tech.



A peripheral device that is essential for all gamers is a screen. Whether you’re a console or PC gamer, having a screen with a good resolution, size, response time, and nowadays, 4K HDR, is a necessity.

As a console gamer, the smallest recommended screen size is 32 inches. Anything smaller and the resolution and definition begins to be compromised. As a screen this size isn’t always possible, finding the screen with the best resolution and dynamic range is what you should look for next. If you can go for 32 inches and above, look for those that support 4K HDR. 4K HDR makes your games more vivid, realistic and the dynamics of your picture more clear.

For PC gamers, the smallest recommended size is 25 inches. The difference in gaming style means one generally needs to be closer to the screen as a PC gamer, needing less as length, and therefore the size can be smaller. Again, look for a screen with the highest resolution and dynamic range as guides.




Headsets are imperative to all online, cooperative gaming, so having a great sound and microphone are an absolute must-have.

If compatible with your gaming device, Bluetooth headsets are the most desirable when it comes to gaming. They allow freedom of movement and are less constricting than those with wires. When it comes to searching for a headset, the qualities to look for are long battery life, good sound, a powerful boom microphone, and a comfortable fit.

Sound for online co-op gaming is absolutely necessary, so the quality is important. Search for as close to the real-time sound as possible, high-quality sound, and noise-canceling; each will bring your online gaming experience to a new level.

Having a great microphone is just as important for communication. Look for microphones with high-quality booms that cancel surrounding sound when you’re not talking. This means your teammates aren’t distracted by the noise of your soundings.



For PC gamers, having a comfortable and reactive mouse is a definite must.

The priority functions to search for when looking into mouses are ones ergonomically designed, as they help keep your hand in more natural positions; even after hours of gaming, your hand won’t be sore and is overall less prone to repetitive strain injuries. The second it a large adjustable sensitivity because, depending on the games you play, more, or less, sensitivity is required, and having a mouse that caters to this allows a better gaming experience. Finally, having a long battery life.




Again, for PC gamers, having a great keyboard is the only way to game on a computer.

When buying a keyboard for gaming, the qualities one should focus on are mechanical keys, software that allows key reprogramming, and, if you wish, RGB lighting. Office keyboards are different from gaming ones, so make sure to find the right type.

Mechanical keys are specific to gaming keyboards; the keys have spring-activated switches, allowing for better a response and less sensitivity when accidental taps occur.

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