Books are the windows to a broader perspective. They teach us many things, including the contrasting views of parenting and ways to understand the environment from a different perspective. Our books are easy to read and are enjoyable by all. Even kids appreciate our books. We have had many children who have been inspired by our books and have taken bold steps in protecting the environment around them. 

Here is a list of our award-winning books by Elin Kelsey and what the critics have to say about it. 

List of Books:

  1. Wild Ideas – Let Nature Inspire Your Thinking 
  2. You Are Stardust
  3. Not Your Typical Book About the Environment 
  4. Watching Giants 
  5. Canadian Dinosaurs 
  6. Strange New Species
  7. Saving Sea Otters
  8. Finding Out About Dinosaurs
  9. Finding Out About Whales

Critic Comments

About “You Are Stardust” – A book that draws similarities between our planet and the humans. Kirkus Reviews, July 26, 2012, starred it is a remarkable achievement. The book needs to be read and studied thoroughly. It also sparks intriguing conversations between an adult and a child about our universe. 

About “Not Your Typical Book About The Environment” – A very smart and inspiring approach that will enlighten both adults and children. Johan Stroman, the Director of BC Green Learning, describes the book as a beautiful compilation that is useful to both work and community projects. 

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  • Best Nonfiction Picture Book for the year 2012 – the YABC Awards
  • The Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award
  • Illustrated & Picture Books of 2013
  • Kirkus Starred Review: Best Books of 2012 
  • Los Angeles Times Reading by 9 best books of 2013 


  • Blue Spruce Award Nominee
  • The Canadian Literature Roundtables of Canada 2013 Information Book Award Nominee

Other Honors Bestowed 

  • Green Book Festival Children’s Book Award Honorable Mention, 2013 
  • Timeless Treats for Young Readers Exhibition at the New York Public Library
  • Brain Pickings 13 Best Children