Video Games and Parenting: How the two can go Hand-in-Hand

When it comes to any aspect of parenting it can be hard to find a balance between allowing your children free time to enjoy themselves and time that should be spent socializing or working on school work. Gaming unfortunately doesn’t always make your parenting situation any easier with many parents all over the world admit that they feel their children spend too much time on their video games and not enough time doing things that are going to help them progress in life.  

There are many ways that you can help your child to have a good relationship with their video games to the point where they see the importance of working hard on things like homework, and a respect for when they are allowed time to relax and unwind by playing their favorite video games.  

Using Video Games as an Incentive

 One of the best ways to use your child’s love of video games to your advantage as a parent would have to be to reward good behavior with time on their consoles. This way your child learns the importance of earning their regards and they will have a much better respect for the way the world works in the future. If your child is allowed video game time whenever they please they will not learn important lessons like earning the things you love which could have a very negative effect on their work ethic in the future. 

Video games are an expensive commodity that not everyone is lucky enough to have access to so conditioning your children into the mindset of being grateful for these luxuries is one of the best things you can do as a parent. The end goal of your parenting journey should be to set your child up for their future where they are going to have to earn a living and the opportunity to be able to enjoy the finer things in life.  

Educational Video Games

The content your child is exposed to within their preferred forms of entertainment is a worry that many parents have, things like parental settings and monitoring software are a great tool for parents to make sure their child is not using technology to watch things that aren’t appropriate for their age. You may be shocked to learn that some games are actually very educational in their message and the story behind the tasks they require players to complete.  

Some video games were designed with education in mind so that your children can learn something while they are having fun, if you are able to sneak in an educational message to something that is considered by your child as a luxury activity then it is much more likely that the message will have a lasting impact. Some games such as Rainbow Six Siege are unintentionally educational through things like the strategy and history aspects that are behind the main storyline, if your child is a fan of the game and would like to progress faster to unlock the new content then you should definitely get these hacks if you want to be the best at rainbow six siege.

Improving Social Skills

As a parent, it is very easy to condemn something as being harmful to your children, with many parents being against their child spending excessive amounts of time on their consoles out of fear of damaging them in the future. However, gaming may not be all bad as it is actually a very good tool for socialization that can help your child comfortably make new friends that they may not have spoken to in the real world. Gaming is a great source of bonding for many children so it is important that you take this into consideration before you ban your child from their games completely. Your children can experience issues with shyness and anxiety from a very early age so if gaming provides the opportunity for them to develop socially you should definitely think about the positive aspects gaming has on your children and their social life.   

Preparing Your Children For Real-Life Scenarios

The final way that you can use gaming as an educational parenting tool would be the simulator game that mimics processes within the real world. There are many very fun games out there that are made to mimic things like running a business, building a farm, or cooking and maintaining establishments like restaurants and hotels. Some of these games are very accurate and provide a real-life insight into what it would be like to experience these things in real life. This could be a great preparation tool to show your children how the world works and how important it is for them to think about their careers in the future, gaming has a reputation for being solely a leisure activity when it can actually be very educational.  

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The New Parents Guide to Decorating Your Childs Bedroom

When it comes to starting the process of preparing for your first child, it is likely that your mind is going to be swarmed with plenty of things to think about, like clothes and all of the other things that you will need in order to properly care for your child. Some things can be quite daunting and you may put them off for as long as possible due to their difficulty, one of the key victims of procrastination neglect is decorating your child’s room. This can be a very daunting task and requires a lot of work, there is just a lot to think about like furniture, themes and general decor. Though the idea of having to decorate your child’s bedroom can be quite off-putting, it can also be quite an exciting and fulfilling activity. One of the ways you can keep the project exciting is by following a strict guide and getting things done bit by bit, here is the new parents guide to decorating your child’s bedroom.



Painting the room should be the first thing that you think about. Choosing a color can make it easier when addressing other areas of your decoration, as choosing a color will allow you to establish a theme. Establishing this theme will also make it easier to pick out furniture and another decor. Not only is painting important to starting your other decorating processes, but it is also important that you do it before you bring any other furniture into the room. Having to paint around large pieces of furniture can be extremely inconvenient and so it is easier to just get it done from the very start. If you are struggling to pick the right color for your room and you are finding it difficult to continue the rest of the decorating process, perhaps choose a classic color based on your baby’s gender.



You also need to focus on choosing the best possible furniture options for your baby’s bedroom. Some of the main things that you need to focus on our storage solutions and also your babies crib. When you first have your child you are going to accumulate a lot of baby clothes due to how quickly they grow, and so it is important to make sure that you purchase a large chest of drawers. If you fail to do this then you will just have to be dealing with a build-up of clothes taking over your life, so it’s best just to secure storage options to start with. It is also important to make sure that you have a comfortable place for your baby to sleep. Within the first few months of their lives, it can be impossible to get babies to sleep at a reasonable time. Something that a lot of new parents neglect to consider is upgrading their baby’s mattress past the average mattress solution. Something that a lot of new parents are doing is purchasing bamboo mattresses for their babies. These are far comfier than the regular mattress that you would receive with a crib and thus will make it far easier for your child to fall asleep, they’re becoming extremely common and can be purchased at several sites, such as those reviewed at bedroompedia. So be sure to shop about and you will be able to find one that fits into your price range.



It is not uncommon for parents to go for plain rooms, however, one of the best recommendations that we could give is to personalize the room and give it a theme. This can make the decoration process way funnier and also give it a clearer direction, as a theme will make it easier to pick out things such as decor and bedsheets.

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The Advantages of Working from a Home Office

Working from home is a great way to save time and money on office space and travel so that you can prioritise the running of your business. Using a home office is great for someone who regularly has the issue of not being able to find childcare, or someone who spends a lot of time and money on physically getting to work. This can cause serious issues when it comes to things like motivation and exhaustion as it takes so much effort for you to get into the physical work environment. Imagine if you didn’t have to go and you would be able to do a full day’s work whilst remaining within the convenience of your own home.


Getting a quality home office setup is crucial to being able to work from home just as effectively as you would in the workplace. With a dedicated workspace within your home you can ensure optimal productivity. It can be a very expensive task and for someone who doesn’t already have an existing home office setup you may have to make a few purchases, with the most expensive probably being the office furniture, yourbestdeals has coupons for them here so that some reduction can be made to the cost of creating your home office.


More time to work – cutting out travel times can add hours to some peoples work days, by allowing working from a home office the work day can start much earlier than if you had to travel.

For those of you with kids, working from home can be a great way to avoid childcare costs and the inevitable day that you can’t find someone to look after your child. By working from home you can stay with your child not only saving you money but reducing any stress you may have when balancing home and work life.

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The Top 3 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Children

Every parent wants their child to be creative but how you coax this creativity is such a fine line, if you become too pushy then your child may feel suffocated and reject your pushes. I will place three key tips that I have found from personal experience to help your child blossom.

It is extremely important to not make education seem like a chore you should try spark a sense of wonder in your child, try make them think. Do not simply ask them to read a book or draw but embrace that sense of innocence and wonder only a child can possess. So, this could involve you just asking questions make them think- I recently read a story about how human rubbish has reached Mars, ask them how they think it got there. Make thought fun. Help them embrace their wonder create a lust for learning within your child.

It is key not to pressure your child into anything creative, do not buy them a guitar if you do not know if they like guitar. Let them find their passions and then help them pursue this, never force your passions onto your child they will find it within themselves so do not panic if they are not writing prose by the age of three, just let them find their way and be there to help them reach their goals.

I think most importantly is to just let your child be a child as I previously mentioned creativity should be fun not a chore. If you allow your child to embrace who they are you will see such self-improvement and growth within themselves. Allow a sense of freedom for your child and their creative juices will begin to flow.

So, to summarize the three top way to nurture your child’s creativity is to try spark a sense of wonder, to not pressure them and to allow them to be their selves. You will find an environment that simply breeds creativity. 

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